Innovative urban park

ParcoMilvio is an open, green area in an urban environment, where to connect with nature, arts and community.

It is an open-air garden centre, where to observe, learn about and buy nature. It is a lovely place where to just wander around, relax after going by bike, experience arts and performance, savour delicious food or connect with friends, family and neighbors.

It is a living space, where initiatives take place in a sustainable environment.

What we do

We encourage residents and visitors to come and enjoy the gardens, passage and rest areas of the park. Being in the heart of the city, ParcoMilvio is the place where to relax with families and friends as well as the destination for entertainment.

ParcoMilvio is the place where to observe, learn and buy green and vegetables.

Teachers will have courses and laboratories for educating to green and respect of the environment.

ParcoMilvio is equipped with quality services and facilities for visitors, from different offers of food & beverage, rest areas, sanitary facilities, sports (canoeing, yoga, etc.), wi-fi, payments services, bikes parking and maintenance.

We support and host various type of events and initiatives, from concerts and exhibitions to festivals dedicated to various topics like food and green.

Local artists as well as the community are invited to express themselves and perform inside ParcoMilvio. 

A place where to discover different type of arts (painting, sculpture, music, etc.) and artworks from local artists, to observe the creativity process in the project room and to engage with the urgent social issues of our time.