Innovative urban park

ParcoMilvio is an open, green area in an urban environment, where to connect with nature, arts and community.

It is an open-air garden centre, where to observe, learn about and buy nature. It is a lovely place where to just wander around, relax after going by bike, experience arts and performance, savour delicious food or connect with friends, family and neighbors.

It is a living space, where initiatives take place in a sustainable environment.

Our Mission

ParcoMilvio spreads respect for nature and environmental awareness, especially among the new generations, enhances the neighborhood, makes citizens aware of the biodiversity that characterizes the territory in which we live and together foster self-sustainable development.

We intend to improve citizens' daily lives and create a space in which nature and sustainability are always at the center of our life.

The urban park created every year, in the summer period, in the center of Rome near Ponte Milvio, represents the space and the moment in which we collect the various initiatives carried out.

What we do

We encourage residents and visitors to come and enjoy the gardens, passage and rest areas of the park. Being in the heart of the city, ParcoMilvio is the place where to relax with families and friends as well as the destination for entertainment.

ParcoMilvio is the place where to observe, learn and buy green and vegetables.

Teachers will have courses and laboratories for educating to green and respect of the environment.

ParcoMilvio is equipped with quality services and facilities for visitors, from different offers of food & beverage, rest areas, sanitary facilities, sports (canoeing, yoga, etc.), wi-fi, payments services, bikes parking and maintenance.

We support and host various type of events and initiatives, from concerts and exhibitions to festivals dedicated to various topics like food and green.

Local artists as well as the community are invited to express themselves and perform inside ParcoMilvio. 

A place where to discover different type of arts (painting, sculpture, music, etc.) and artworks from local artists, to observe the creativity process in the project room and to engage with the urgent social issues of our time.

Who we are

ParcoMilvio is made up of people who love nature, sustainability, mobility and culture.

We want to produce knowledge and raise awareness on the issues of environmental sustainability and nature, cultural and artistic, financial, industrial, technological, commercial and event components, primarily with the ParcoMilvio event.


Head of the commercial and technological area

With a background in commercial development and specialised in revenue development through innovative technologies and with IoT, in ParcoMilvio I manage the relationships and develop plans with investors, keeping high the attention to the urban park and sustainability concepts.  


Event creator

My role is for the corporate activities in ParcoMilvio. I create, present, prepare proposals and create commercial events. I’m an event manager in the MICE sector, being involved with business meetings, incentive tours, conferences and exhibitions.


Social Media Manager and Content Creator

From my neverending passion for communication and for the art of persuading through the usage of the word, I take care of the social communication activities of ParcoMilvio. I think, write and publish green and sustainable contents.


Event creator

I love music in every form, I’m a music publisher and producer. At ParcoMilvio I bring my passion and I follow the organisational part of the events.


Green heart of the Park

I’m studying herbaceous cultivation and I take care of spontaneous flora for the environmental restoration and the safeguarding of the species of biogeographical interest and for the improvement of the aesthetic and landscape design of grassing. Have you understood that I’m one of the creators of the green events of ParcoMilvio?


Green heart of the Park

Nature and gardening lovers since when I was a child, for years I’ve been looking for and trying to restore vegetable species. What am I doing at ParcoMilvio? I think, develop and create sustainable and green events.



Artistic direction

You can describe me with “Music is part of my life”. Music and performance art lover, I support the artistic programming of ParcoMilvio. I’m a cellist and artistic director of Roma Sinfonietta.


Artistic direction

Arts lover in every form and lecturer of Stage Art, I’m an actor, director and artistic director of Teatro del Loto. At ParcoMilvio, as being involved in its artistic programme, I bring my love for cinema and theatre.

Lavinia e Andrea

The dancing soul of the Park

We are dance events organisers, particularly Argentine tango. At ParcoMilvio we organise dance events with lessons, dance evenings and live music. What we want to recreate the atmosphere of Milonga: a convivial place in Buenos Aires where you can dance Tango.


Bike station manager

I’m a specialised mechatronic, responsible of Stazione Bici, the bicycle stop for bicycle lovers, for the maintenance and rental. One of the focus of ParcoMilvio is sustainable mobility and promoting the usage of the bicycle. My role is exactly this: to promote its usage. You won’t regret!


Special projects and training

I’m continuosly looking for public tenders and other financing opportunities, for educational initiatives as well as for subsidized financing. Here in ParcoMilvio I follow the financing opportunities for the constant improvement of the sustainability and the awareness raising on the environment topics.


Flower designer

I have a passion for arts and flower design, for events and interior design as well as for the education of florists. For ParcoMilvio I have planned a flower festival. We are waiting for you!




In life I’m labor consultant and for ParcoMilvio I support the team management and building.