ParcoMilvio is organised in various areas, ideal to host commercial presentations, company meetings, team building or simply warm up before the match of Euro2020. Many options, all in line with your needs and requests. Dive into a space where to relax in a green environment, few minutes far from Stadio Olimpico.

ParcoMilvio hospitality offer includes different options, from Prestige to Floating till Club, in order to perfectly fulfil your needs. Furthermore, the offer, in terms of catering, entertainment and dressing of your areas, can be personalised based on your indications and requests. 

ParcoMilvio hospitality offer
The first green sustainable park of Rome

ParcoMilvio is a sustainable and equipped urban park, with a green passage and planting terraces, two performance stages and open-air cinema, stylish restaurants and bars, and a marina.

Prime location on the corner of Stadio Olimpico

ParcoMilvio is located on the corner of Stadio Olimpico. For the lucky ones with a ticket it would be the ideal place to spend before the game. For the people without a ticket no panic! All games can be seen here. We can assure you that Euro2020 at ParcoMilvio will be a great experience.

First class hospitality

ParcoMilvio is your exclusive and secure space (fulfilling the covid measures), where to receive your guest, to experience our top-class hospitality services and unique settings of premium areas, designed to offer first class amenities, dedicated services in a impressive environment.

To know more about our hospitality services and event opportunities, contact the sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club & Garden

Club ambient restaurant and bar, where to start the evening, taste a special cocktail and have an aperitif with view to Ponte Milvio.

Club&Garden is the place where to spend a night attending the shows organised in the dedicated space, listening ambient music and tasting special food.

The shoeless garden is the magic place of ParcoMilvio, open during the day for visitors to relax and take the sun, and in the night for special intimate moment.

Nuovo Cinema Milvio

Nuovo Cinema Milvio è l’area di ParcoMilvio dedicata all’affascinante mondo del cinema.

Located on the exclusive central area of the park with a unique theatre created among georgeous plants and flowers, the wonderful programme of films and talks that will take place in the summer of 2021 every evening, will entertain spectators providing the opportunity to meet and to talk with famous actors and directors.


Floating is an open-air, 400 people capacity amphi-theatre with a floating stage, where artists ranging from classical to pop music, theatre performances and public speaking from important opinion leaders will entertain visitors with the fantastic landscape of Ponte Milvio.

Furthermore, Floating intends to host seminars and initiatives on the green and sustainability aspects.

Sports viewing

In 2021 the Uefa European Football Championships (June 11 - July 11) and the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 - August 9) will take place. This area of ParcoMilvio, the Marina, will be organised with a food court, where to experience different types of food and authentic pizza, to drink top craft beer, in a pop environment, where to view sports events and enjoy being together.

Furthermore, the area is meant to serve all spectators going to the stadium for the 4 matches planned (June 11, 16, 20 and July 3), before and after the match.



Herbaria is the urban farm of ParcoMilvio, where fresh vegetables are produced and directly delivered and served. Innovative techniques are present and introduced to visitors and experts. It is the base of the 7.500 sqm garden center, where to learn and shop plants and flowers. Herbaria is the landmark for bikers, runners, walkers and tourists, where to shop, get support and relax.


Solarium is the area of ParcoMilvio where to relax and to listen the river Tevere.

Developed along the embankment of the river, organised in green islands in a landscape of grasses plants, with zones where to relax in comfortable facilities with pergolas and benches, within a safe environment, with ambient music, Solarium is the place of ParcoMilvio where to dive into the nature and to enjoy the unique climate of Rome. A modern, casual and natural space.