The Park

Being in the heart of the city

In close proximity to one of the most vibrant entertainment areas of the city, that includes Stadio Olimpico and other entertainment facilities attracting approx. 1mln visitors during summer season,

ParcoMilvio is the place to be. From May till September, ParcoMilvio will host events and initiatives dedicated to nature and arts, expecting to attract approximately15.000 visitors.


A sustainable environment

Environmental sustainability is a core value in ParcoMilvio. The park is an inherently green structure and a public space. Equally important is the way we operates. Everyday, we strive toward sustainability with the same level of care reflected in the park‘s design

A living space

ParcoMilvio is a 7.000 sqm sustainable, versatile and equipped area, located along the Tevere river, in an high population density and wealthy area, in the heart of Rome.

It includes a green passage and planting terraces (approx. 2.500 sqm), exhibition zones, a performance stage, stylish restaurants and bars (approx. 2.000 sqm), a marina where to go canoeing and sustainable visitor services.


Access to ParcoMilvio can be made from various points along the right bank of the Tiber river in the stretch between Ponte Milvio and Ponte Duca d'Aosta. In addition, in the spirit of the park and given the proximity of the cycle path, ParcoMilvio promotes sustainable mobility and encourages the use of bikes and any other form of sustainable mobility to minimize the environmental impact.